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Youth Forum: Youths urged to participate in national development

Feb 14, 2017, 12:16 PM

Sulayman Jammeh, the Councillor of Bundung Development Initiative, has urged Gambian youths to be more creative and actively take part in national development. 
Jammeh noted that there are many opportunities for the youths in the country, adding that they need to be creative in order to acquire jobs to earn their living.
He further noted that Gambian youths need to be more productive, especially in the fishing sector, which is dominated by foreigners.
Mr Jammeh challenged the youths to take part in national development, while advising them to play a more active role in national and community development.
He pointed out that youths need to be actively engaged in national development and self-initiated development work in the country.
He added that youths are at the forefront of forces of development, noting that they need to be actively involved in national development 
Mr Jammeh also stated that he is always willing to support, empower youths and women in the society. 
“It is good to leave a good legacy,” he added, saying that young people could always remember. 
Mr Jammeh also advised the youths to work hand in glove in order to develop the country. 
 He further called on the youths to take part in national development, while he thanked the youths of Bundung for their unity and solidarity. 
Mr Jammeh assured the youths of Bundung of his commitment to continue rendering support to the welfare of youths and women.
 Mr Jammeh urged the youths not to leave everything in the hands of foreigners, noting that they need to be self-reliant and creative to bring more projects.
He lauded President Adama Barrow and his coalition government for their re-sounding victory in the December 1 presidential poll, and assured the youths of his support in order to realise their aspirations.
Mr Jammeh also advised the Gambians, especially the youth of the country, to contribute their quota to national development and also to support the new government in attaining their national development agenda.