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Young people and drugs

Jan 13, 2012, 1:14 PM

They are the most vulnerable when it comes to drug abuse and, as a result, sadly they always pay the price for this bad habit.

Drugs can ruin a country, while drug abuse counts among the leading agents of destruction in many societies.

Drug abuse can wreak untold havoc on the individual, the family and the society at large.

When one is addicted to illicit drugs, one is in effect trapped in vice and personal deterioration.

From general observation, one’s health declines, first gradually and then at a rapid pace, and you become a big liability to the society.

Therefore, the country should join hands in a strong way to help the National Drug Enforcement Agency, in addressing illegal drug use in our society.

Parents and schools should provide appropriate education and guidance to youths.

The community should endeavour to provide alternative constructive ways to guide youths passing through their time.

Policing by the authorities and the community together, should be reinforced.

The state has passed legislation strong enough to act as a deterrent, and this must be applied.

Whatever the method or the measure we adopt, the community should be at the forefront and act swiftly and decisively.

The efforts by the National Youth Council and partners to sensitise youths on the dangers of drug abuse are moves that must be maintained.

We urge the participants of such sensitization meetings to share the lessons learnt from the training session with their friends and the wider society.

Drugs are a great cause of mental disorder among many youths and, therefore, it calls for serious action to address the menace.