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Young Gambian making wave in fishing sector

Feb 4, 2020, 1:49 PM

Yaya Sanneh is a young Gambian who is making success in the fishing industry in Kartong since he acquired his own boat.

Sanneh told Youth Forum that now has his own boat to engage in fishing in the Kombo South coastal town, creating employment for him.

He said he started fishing some years ago after acquiring his own boat.

Mr Sanneh revealed that fishing has improved his life since acquiring his own boat, saying that 75% of the country’s fisheries sector and other sectors were controlled by the foreigners.

He appealed to young people to venture into fishing to improve their lives.

He also stated that there are many opportunities for young people in the country to gain income instead of taking the back-way to Europe.

“Fishing has improved my life since I started it some years ago,’’ he pointed out.

Sanneh further revealed that he is planning to buy another boat to expand his business.

He called on the ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources and their partners to support him to acquire another boat.

He also advised them to support youth to venture into fishing to prevent them from using the back way to Europe for greener pasture.

‘‘I think government through ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources should aid and encourage youth to engage into the fishing sector to create employment for themselves to discourage them from using the risky journey to Europe’’ he posited.