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WYLD LYNX Promo FC sail to quarterfinals in Lamin Senior Noran

May 12, 2016, 1:56 PM

The first team to book their ticket to the quarterfinal of the ongoing Lamin Senior Noran 2016, are no other team than WYLD LYNX PROMO FC of Lamin Sateba after beating Raff Jama FC of Lamin Highwall by 3 goals to zero in their encounter on Sunday at 1500hrs.

The team conquered the Group C and emerged winners after winning two matches and drew one with perfect goal difference of + six goals and conceded no goals in their net.

The other team that has also made it to the quarterfinals is DEL QUALITY, who were the crowned champions of the Junior Noran 2015/2016 and are still now continuing with their good run-off form as a team.

They also won all three of their group B matches and have nine points and + 3 goal difference. They scored four goals and conceded only one goal.

The only undecided group is the Group A, who are yet to complete their group standings, and KGH Sports are currently leading the group with three points from one match followed by Outlaw Boys, Jerusalem, with two points from two matches.

Matches continue in the weekend:

Thursday 12/05/16: Jerusalem FC vs London United

Friday 13/05/16:KGH Sports vs Outlaw Boys

Saturday 14/05/16: Lamin Airport vs London United 1500hrs.

Saturday 14/05/16:Havana FC vs Koto Ke’lle 17:15pm

All matches are to be played at the late Sanna Jatta Memorial Football Field in Lamin.