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Wish good to others

Jun 30, 2010, 11:44 AM

We firmly believe that there is a need for people, irrespective of their social standing, to love one another. In fact, love others as you love yourself has been emphasised in the scriptures.

Why the need to hate each other, when we know full well that one's destiny and fortune is in the hands of Allah.

After all, we are all humans and there is no need for us to have ill feelings against others.

To Allah, all humans are equal, and there is no superiority, except for those who follow the commandments of Allah.

Hatred among people and societies has negative consequences on the life of people, which could result in divisions.

Wishing good for oneself and evil for others is the biggest form of self-centredness and greed. Such people need to realise that this kind of attitude cannot pay dividends.

We ought to love one another, because love is a characteristic of Allah. Since we are all Allah's creation, we should reflect the true character of our creator.

We have the ability to love each other, because Allah manifests His love to us all in different forms. 

Love does not care how much it is offended and abused. We need to forgive and forget. There are no conditions to perfect love. It is synonymous with sacrifice and it is righteous.

Allah's love for us is most times unrequited - He loves us even when we hated Him. It is unconditional - it did not matter to Him what we had done, He forgives all.

His love is vicarious. His love is self-giving - He made the ultimate sacrifice. This means that even if you realise that someone hates you, what is expected of you is to love him or her. But if you hate him or her in return, then you are both equally wrong, and must repent for the sin of hating a fellow human being.