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What Have Daughters Got to Do With it?

Nov 7, 2008, 4:56 AM

The American presidential election always offers a lot of excitement. Whether you like or dislike America, you are always fascinated by it. It is a unique country founded on the best possible ideals - liberty, equality and fraternity. It has once again shown that it is truly worthy of these ideals, with the amazing outcome of the just-concluded presidential election.

America has broken the race barrier for good. What it is yet to break away with is its patriarchal character, though Decision '08 also offered that possibility with the indefatigable Hillary Clinton fighting it out to end with Barack Obama for the nomination of the Democratic ticket.

Perhaps in the not too far future, history would be made again with the election of the first female president of the United States of America. Who would this be? Though it is difficult to say at this moment, we've observed that since Bill Clinton, all the American presidents have only daughters. Bill Clinton has only one daughter, George W. Bush two daughters only, and President-elect Barack Obama has as yet only two daughters, like his immediate predecessor. Would one of these girls be confident enough to take after their fathers in the future? It would be interesting to see an Obama daughter contesting the Democratic Party ticket with the Clinton daughter. And the winner going on to lock horns with a Bush daughter. Sounds interesting, right? You never can tell - anything is now possible in this world!

But why are Clinton, Bush and Obama not bothered by the male child mania? They are liberated souls. These are men who don't care about the sex of their children - a child is a child, they seem to tell us. And who is to tell that a male child would be more successful in life than a female one? This is another lesson these great men - Clinton, Bush and Obama - are teaching the world. They are saying that the female child has as much right and opportunity in life as her male counterpart. They are saying in a clear and loud voice that just as race and colour don't matter so does gender - that is, the sex of your child! What we are witnessing is the gradual emergence of both the male and female energies to produce a harmonious world.