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Decent housing for the Police

Jan 17, 2012, 1:24 PM

Providing decent housing for members of the Gambia Police Force serves as a remarkable incentive that boosts their morale.

The need for providing free accommodation to police personnel by the state was long recognized. However, some of their quarters still look very old and poorly maintained.

For those residing at the Old Police Lines in Banjul, their houses will be renovated, thanks to the intervention of the Taiwanese government.

The police provide protection for the entire citizenry, for our lives and properties thus deserve such a boost.

They, therefore, deserve better accommodation, especially if they are to stay in the barracks. They deserve more than dilapidated structures!

Thus, we welcome the recent donation of US$ 865, 790 by Taiwan to the Government of The Gambia for the rehabilitation of the Old Banjul Police Lines

With this donation, we hope that the structure willbe given a major facelift, thus giving greater comfort to its occupants.

The important role played by members of the police force is well known and appreciated by the entire citizenry.

This latest development for the police is a big motivation for the members of the force, especially those using the facility.

We must, therefore, stress that after the renovation, the occupants must take full responsibility for maintaining the structure for it to serve its purpose for many years.

Rewarding the police in this and many other forms is highly welcomed, and we therefore applaud the government of Taiwan for their timely intervention.

Such a move will, no doubt, foster efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery among the members of the country’s police force.

It is said that to whom much is given, much is also expected!