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Welcome to International Roots Festival

May 12, 2014, 10:47 AM

The International Roots Festival got under way in Banjul during the week-end, and we want to add our voice in welcoming to the Smiling Coast of Africa all our guests from the Diaspora, other parts of Africa, Europe, USA and beyond.

We also believe the theme: “African Culture – its Challenges and Prospects in the 21st Century”, selected for this 11th edition of the biennial festival is a good one, and look forward to “an interesting and intellectually stimulating” discussion on Tuesday at the Symposium by the panelists selected from The Gambia and abroad.

Indeed, we hope the message that it is “a moral and historical duty and responsibility for all African peoples to stand up and be counted, and make a positive contribution to Africa’s development,” is well appreciated, as this is definitely a moment for “deep reflection as to which way Africa and Africans want to go.”

We invite our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora to familiarize themselves with the AU’s African Renaissance 2063 Agenda, as a starting point.

“Our doors are open, and we remain friends of all races, but our heritage and dignity will not be traded for any bait be it economic or ideological”

President Jammeh