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‘Welcome to Banjul’, Saloum Drama Group new film production says

Dec 17, 2010, 2:20 PM

An iconic figure in The Gambia’s film industry has placed the country on the world map of film industry by producing a film cassette entitled “Welcome to Banjul”.

According to Ebou Sarr, one of the actors, the film was produced two months ago and the messages in the movie focus on education, development, health and the fight against drug and tobacco.

“We have come up to produce the cassette to pass across positive messages,” Sarr says, noting that the main hurdle to their flight to stardom is lack of sponsorship, which he said the group is craving for, though they would continue to produce good things for the people of this nation.

He said the reason they have come together to form a drama group is to develop the Gambia film industry. “We have 12 people running the drama,” he says.

He also called on companies, NGOs and private individuals to come on board and support the group.

Supporters can call the following numbers to reach them: 7286662 or 9286662.