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Jokor Night Club on the spotlight

Dec 17, 2010, 2:18 PM

As the tourist season enters its low tide, more and more night club in the country give more entertainment to it customers as Jokor night club one of the most famous night club in the country. The night club that never fails in giving all the good things of live to the people, is currently showing no sign of let up in providing entertainment in a bigger, better package to the people.

Every Wednesday is ladies free night at Jokor Garden and every Sunday is Goudi Samdi featuring Sabarr. The night club also have a restaurant which provide catering for its customers. The place to watch foot-ball is Jokor, Entertainment was also informed by the owner of the place. Entertainment was also informed that Pap Chopet will be performing live at Jokor on Saturday the 18 December 2010. Come one come all.