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Venezuelan Embassy marks Africa Day

May 27, 2010, 2:36 PM

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to The Gambia has joined others in celebrating the African Liberation Day.

The event was marked with what the embassy referred to as opening of "Faces Of The Revolutionary African Leaders." Addressing the audience at the Gambia College campus in Brikama, Madam Lourdes Perez, the Venezuelan Ambassador to The Gambia expressed delight in joining Africans in marking the day.

"Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!, Equality, Equality, Equality!, Is The Motto Of The 5th Africa's Week In Venezuela, which is framed in the Bicentenary of the Independence of Our Nation And In The Celebration Of The Fifty Year Of Independence Of Seventeen Sub-Saharan African Countries."

She added that the day is an opportunity for them to pay tribute to the African continent, but also a great opportunity to learn more about Africans roots.

"Faces of The Revolutionary African leaders", pay tribute to African leaders, fighting against colonial domination and slavery, making glorious the way in which forty-seven years ago, Africa started new horizons on its cultural, social, economic and political development, to break the cruelly imposed chains of colonialism.

Today, African countries are not alone initiatives like South-South Cooperation with South America strengthen the common objectives of sovereignty and freedom from colonialism.

The exhibition of "Faces Of The Revolutionary African Leaders" was taken from the Book: Revolutionary Africa, Written By The Deputy-Minister of the Bolivarian government of Venezuela to Africa, Profesor Reinaldo Bolívar used the opportunity to encourage the students gathered at the event to keep on researching and reconstructing the history of the political processes.