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Welcome to Africa President Obama!

Jun 28, 2013, 9:45 AM

President Barack Obama of the United State of America is right here in Africa, and actually at our close door neighbour, Senegal, for that matter.

We, therefore, join our Senegalese brothers and sisters to welcome the world’s most powerful leader to the sub-region.

The historic visit to Senegal, which opened a week-long trip to Africa by the US President, is a matter to celebrate in Dakar and beyond.

The visit from President Obama is, no doubt, in recognition of the Senegal’s commitment to democracy.

We, therefore, congratulate the government and people of the Republic of Senegal for their democratic credentials, which has started paying dividends for them as manifested by the Obamas’ visit.

The US, no doubt, shares many fundamental values and international goals with Senegal, and the country of Senegal has been a symbol of democracy, as well as ethnic and religious tolerance.

In March, Obama welcomed President Sall to the White House, along with the presidents of Cape Verde, Malawi and Sierra Leone, to discuss ways to strengthen the relationship between the United States and sub-Saharan Africa and to promote economic opportunities for Africans.

No wonder Obama is also in Dakar to strengthen the ties with the country, which is also a shining example of good governance in Africa.

We understood that President Obama during this visit will focus on promoting democratic institutions, boosting opportunities for Africa’s vast youthful population and promoting the continent as a growing market for U.S. businesses.

We are, therefore, calling on him to help do more for the continent even more than what President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush did for us.

Finally, we once again welcome President Obama and family to Africa, and wish them a safe and successful trip.