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WE ARE ONE PEOPLE, ONE GAMBIAThe coalition have the support of the majority of the people and have worked hard which enabled them took power in a democratic way. Gambians thank God for peaceful election on 1st December 2016.

Dec 8, 2016, 11:44 AM

It is evident that many Gambians voted for the coalition because they have the hope that democracy will be promoted under their regime. Also by carefully looking at the election results one would realize that the successful change of government is the will of the people. This simply means no individual or individuals can take credit for the success of the coalition. It is the reason everyone should be considered as an active player in 2016 democratization process in the country.

Once people understand that together we are successful in making a change it will help them stop the use of abusive words and insults in the street in the name of celebrating victory.

Gambians need to know that it is the wish of all to live in peace in order to move the country forward. The country is in a crucial stage where ideas are needed so as to promote democracy, rule of law and good governance. This can only be achieved when we all say no to intimidation, segregation and violence which are inimical to progress.

Let us remember that we are one people who are related in all aspects. It is the reason we should say no to violence and work together for common good.

Long live peace, long live democracy in The Gambia.

Dr Seedy Drammeh, HR Manager,

Gambia Revenue Authority