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Wally Seck indicted for criminal conspiracy

Sep 30, 2016, 11:03 AM

Wally Seck Ballago, Senegalese sensational musician, has been indicted for criminal conspiracy, forgery and use of forgery and complicity.

According to Senegalese media reports, he is now placed under judicial supervision.  This means that Wally is required to report frequently to the investigators to show that he is in Senegal.

The complainant in the case, a contractor Dièye Pope, said he had contracted a loan of 26 million CFA francs equivalent to D2, 202, 057.00 to buy a Range Rover vehicle with Pape Niang.

In terms of the car behind the legal proceedings against Wally Seck and Co., it appears that it was the footballer, Ibrahima Touré, who had given it to him.

Until this matter is cleared up, the son of Thione Seck Ballago would be put on probation by the investigating judge.

However, Seck’s passport is not confiscated; he can travel if the court grants him permission, judicial sources said.

Source: Rewmi.com