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"Wage and Salary Increments Encourage Quality Education"

Jul 29, 2008, 12:03 PM | Article By: By Alieu Jabang

The ex-principal and proprietor of Brikama Technical Training Centre (Foster Secondary School0 has said that the disease of low quality education can be challenged by increasing the wages and salaries of teachers.

Speaking to this reporter in his office in the Methodist Agricultural Centre in Brikama, Mr. William Foster said that teaching is on of the most noble professions in the world but that many people in The Gambia are running away from it because of low wages. "Everybody is looking for greener pastures so they leave teaching in search of better wages. I am therefor recommending as a man who spent his entire life in the education cycle that a salary increment is the best weapon we have to boost the quality of education," he said.

According to the 63 year-old Foster, the run away teachers (RATS) will come back when salaries are increased.

He finally appealed to politicians, human rights activists' parents and communities to join hands to bring quality education. He also emphasised the importance of discipline, something he says starts at home.