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St. Therese's Junior Choir Celebrates

Jul 29, 2008, 12:00 PM | Article By: By Augustine Kanjia

The junior choir at St. Therese's recently celebrated their 13th successful year of existence. The event was marked by a celebration in the church during which many people recounted stories and spoke of good deeds.

The junior choir, which joined the singing folk's 13 years ago, has made tremendous name for themselves by singing Catholic songs and acting in concerts. They were set up to assist the senior choir who were pressed with singing at masses and funerals among other events.

According to Therese Marie Mendy, they were happy with the existence of their choir. "I think our intervention was quite timely. Although many of our members have gone on to greener pastures we remain on the floor to boost our group to where we are at the moment," she said.

 Onike Mendy, one of the lead vocalists whose angelic voice has brought fame to the choir, said, "our choir can only be thankful to the parish priest and those behind us. They have been very kind and helpful. We are thankful to Charles Secka our musical director who has devoted all his time to directing and teaching us thrilling songs. We thank our congregation for their participation. The choir has promised to take their efforts to even higher heights in the future.