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VP Tamba: What Ever The Ministry Is Doing Is Their Obligation To Do It

Jun 16, 2008, 5:54 AM | Article By: By Ebou Manneh

The First Vice President of the Gambia Football Association (GFA), Maj. Gen. Lang Tombong Tamba, has explained that it is the obligation of the ministry to help the GFA and what ever they do it is their obligation to do it.

CDS Tamba made this remarks at the sea view garden hotel were the Gambian team is camp, after the teams wonderful performances on Saturday against the Algeria.

Heasserted that it's the responsibility of the state department for sports to help GFA, adding that whatever the state department does is their obligation to do so.

Speaking to journalist VP Tamba expressed satisfaction with the teams performances, " I am very happy with the victory and the performances of the team, we have played with Senegal and drew with them and the same Senegal beat Algeria, we also beat the Algerian team and this means we have a good team, and we must commend the players too".

He further said that the head coach Paul Put also needs to be commended with the good job he has done with the team within a short time and has not even settle down withthe team yet.

"I have got so many text message from former Gambian players who have been congratulating on the ability of the coach to transformed the Gambian football to a different level and this is what we were looking forward and there was a public out crying fora foreign coach, and thank God he has given us one and we are very glad for what he has been getting so far"

He said that he is very optimistic that the team can either win orgo in for at least a point in Algeria. " What I can see in the team is unity and motivation in the players and that's what we are looking for".

VP Tamba said that the boys have committed to their nation " we have not been giving them anything and we cannot give them any amount that they cant have but the sprite of oneness and unity among the players is very high and you don't even know who was part of the 18 man squad because the players that don't even play jubilated more than the players that played, that's shows the unity in the team". He stated.

VP said that Africell need to be commended as they are the one that come to the aid of the GFA " people will begin to wonder why Africell, but they are the one that came to our aid when the going was though. It was Africell who was there for us and we really appreciate what they have been doing for the FA.

He said that the FA has always commended people on what they have done, the ministry we cant commend them but what ever they have done is their obligation and duty to do it and is not obligation that we should commend them.And what ever they do is their responsibility to do it is just that we have to thank them for their collaboration with the FA and we have no doubt that the FA will work with the ministry. As we always said that GFA and the ministry are partners, we should see each other as playing in the same sector," he said.

He further thanked HE the president of the republic of the Gambia Alh. Yah Yah Ajj Jammeh for his personal support to football in the Gambia especially the GFA.