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Vigilance! Vigilance! Vigilance!

Jan 26, 2017, 10:40 AM

As the whole nation prepares to exuberantly welcome our dear leader and president of The Gambia, we would like to chip in with some little advice as regards the security of the state.

The recent  discovery of threatening  toxic  chemicals in air conditioners and  the missing of large cache  of arms  and  ammunition  at the  State House,  is a serious cause  for concern.

This situation leaves room for many questions and seemingly no answers. Who took the arms at the State House? Why were they taken? For what purpose were they taken?

While investigation into the matter is under way, the incident is worrying and calls for more vigilance from the new government to avoid any fatal mishap in the exercise of their functions, as well as in protecting the general public.

The recent development has been very disappointing, as people have expressed dismay and dissatisfaction about the so-called gesture of ex-president Yahya Jammeh.

He left the State House on Saturday 21st and, on Sunday 22nd    January, the arms disappearance and toxic chemical discovery at the State House was unearthed.

The new authorities should take hard measures against anyone found wanting in connection with the incident, as the act is very serious since it was meant to destroy lives and property.

The new government and the security forces in charge should do everything in their power and capacity to retrieve the missing stock of arms and ammunition, in order to assure peace of mind to the nation.

We would like to suggest to the President to screen all members of the security apparatus, since there are allegations that there are foreigners in the midst of our security apparatus.

It is also advisable for the president to take good care of security officers; thereby try to give them their due, to avoid unnecessary grievances against the president and his government. The same should be done towards all arms of government and sectors of the civil service.

It will also be essential for the President to consider restructuring some wings of the security apparatus in the country.

Some amount of regular night patrols should be conducted by security officers, to maintain law and order and safety in the communities. In this vein, the police have a great role to play to ensure peace, tranquillity and safety at all times.

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance .”

Desmond Tutu