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Vice chairman Omar Sey clears the air

Aug 1, 2012, 12:15 PM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

The GFA Normalisation Committee Vice chairman, Alh. Omar Sey, has shed light on issues being debated by the public and reported by the media since they took over in March.

The first press confrence organised by the nominalization committee held yesterday at the GFA House also focused on the updates on the work of the Normalisation Committee. 

He said they are working with the FIFA in restructuring the constitution, which is almost completed.

”Any reasonable person will accept this constitution because it will cover everybody who knows football. We will do our best and leave the rest for the coming committee. We will leave complete suggestions, structure and ideas which will develop our Gambian football,” he highlighted.

Denial of claims that FIFA is not supporting them

”I was amaze to read from Sportview that FIFA is no longer supporting the norminalization committee or the GFA, which is not true,” he said.

”We have tried to tap funs elsewhere to normalise the game. FIFA is working with us,” he added.

”We were entered in all competitions when we came in but we looked at our resources and decided to pullout of certain competitions.

”Nobody will run football and say that I don’t have a problem, let’s put the blames at the right places. We have to be responsible for our actions; let’s people verify the facts.”

He also said the ministry has the right to appoint people to the office of the GFA. ”The technical staff and coaches is a new agenda in our calendar. I am all in for local coaches and when Bonu was appointed I supported it,” he said.

Paul Put’s issue is above him because it happened before he came into offices, he said, adding: ”Our local coaches need to set up; none of them have A  License

On the league

”We are working with Africell for sponsorhsip. He pointed out, saying: ”Since this league and the FA Cup were under our watch we will pay the  league winners and FA champions  but for the previous years we will find sponsorship to pay them.”

On the Gambian U-20

Sey said the ministry stepped in to provide the tickets because they did not have the money nor Gambia for Gold.

”We promised to give them allowance when they came back but we regretted it and that will not happen again,” he added.

” I expected this defeat because the team was not prepared,” he admitted.

Relationship with OB Conateh

Sey noted that people should understand the difference in ideas and personal issues. ”Personally we have no difference; we are not here to organize footballs and win cups.

We can’t do it in six months,” he said.