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UTG to host international colloquium

Nov 5, 2012, 10:40 AM

The University of the Gambia is organising a three-day International Colloquium that will bring together experts and participants from Europe, USA and different African countries (including 33 foreign intellectuals).

A news release from the UTG said on Sunday that conference will take place between November 7th and 9th, 2012 and it is being organized by UTG in partnership with the French Government and the Regional Office of the Association of French Universities (AUF).

The topic chosen for this colloquium - The Gambia, a Plural Space: Dynamics and Issues of Otherness and Multilingualism – is not fortuitous.

The release noted that at a time like this when globalisation and integration have become a general socio-political trend, understanding issues relating to the other and languages is paramount.

“It is fervently hoped that this colloquium will further enhance The Gambia’s efforts in generalising and strengthening the study of French within her frontiers,” the UTG stated.

This colloquium, according to the release, shall avail the UTG with the opportunity to strengthen its ties with other universities in and outside the continent with the possibility of forming a consortium with at least four of them.

It is hoped that such consortium will help the UTG position herself favourably in the academic world.

The three-day colloquium will address the dynamics and issues of cultural and linguistic identity of this plural Gambia. Several round table discussions will help in the drafting up of summaries of current reflections, from theory to practical applications. This event will combine both plenary lectures by renowned experts and workshops to bring out innovative approaches.