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US Peace Corps hold welcome party

Mar 18, 2011, 1:57 PM

USPeace Corps volunteers in The Gambia at the weekend gathered at the Scottish Embassy Restaurant in Fajara to honour a convivial and welcome party thrown for new Peace Corps sworn in recently at the US Ambassador's residence in Fajara.

Speaking to PointEntertainment at the programme, Mark Taylor, Scottish Embassy Volunteer Diplomat, said the Scottish Embassy Restaurant is a café that caters for NGOs and similar organisations, which are given "quality service and delicious food".

"We organised this programme as part of promoting the place," he said.

Scottish Embassy Restaurant, one of the latest spots in town, has delicious dishes within the food and drinks industry.

The restaurant is also considered as one of the fastest growing eateries within Fajara, as it has copious space and wonderful ambience.