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Musician Jampara returns from Canada, participates in European Reggae Contest

Mar 18, 2011, 3:02 PM

According to information reaching PointEntertainment, musician Jampara, accompanied by a high-powered delegation, recently returned to Holland after successfully completing his musical tour in Canada.

During the tour, according to the reports, the international musician was "absolutely blown away" by the performance he exhibited for his audience.

Jampara also gave a lot of interviews to radio stations, newspapers as well as the national television of Canada.

Jampara's manager Clazina told PointEntertainment writer that seven shows for Jampara are already confirmed for Canada, adding that the international artiste is expected to go back to Canada this year depending on the outcome of the European Reggae Contest.

The musical star also met with the Governor of Canada and discussed with him about a project of musical institution he wants to set up to help African orphans, especially children in Burundi, to learn how to play music.

Lady Clazina is calling on all and sundry to vote for Jampara and the Battalion band from the Netherlands, at the forthcoming European Reggae Contest.

People who would like to vote for Jampara can go to the link: www.reggaecontest.eu/ bands/ Jamparathebattalion.

Jampara is expected back to Canada, Burundi and Jamaica during summer.