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Uphold fair prices for livestock

Aug 21, 2017, 10:25 AM

We are faced again with the huge challenge of buying rams to observe the all-important feast of Eid ul-Adha locally known as Tobaski, which is just about two weeks to come.

While we are being told that prices of rams or generally livestock at this critical time would not be too expensive, we are also aware of the fact that some livestock dealers have already shot up their prices for their livestock and started to charge something like D12,000 and more for a ram, which is far beyond the salaries of the majority of workers in this country.

Such a huge cost for ram will almost prevent the majority of our people from observing the important feast of Tobaski in the best of ways, which means many would not afford to sacrifice a ram to the Almighty Allah.

We are therefore calling on all parties or stakeholders in this deal to find a way of fighting this challenge by critically looking at the causes for the skyrocketing prices of rams and other livestock in the country.

Several reasons, according to reports, have been advanced for this heart-wobbling situation wherein people would have to be forced to buy ram at cut-throat prices because they are miles too expensive.

We cannot afford to do this to ourselves, as we a God-driven people who want to serve our God and observe the necessary sacrifice according to the ordinances of our religion Islam.

Factors like the depreciation of the Dalasi to the CFA, delays at the ferry crossing point, checkpoint hurdles, and documentation of livestock among other taxes levied on foreign livestock dealers are deemed to be responsible for the increasing prices of rams in this country.

We therefore need to come together to find some solutions to these challenges so that we are able to breathe a sigh of relief when Tobaski is around us.

So the government authorities, the customs officers, the immigration officers and the traffic police need to see reasons to work out a better situation for us, for the majority of our people to be able to afford a ram when Tobaski sets in.

Although some reports say this year might be better in terms of prices of ram, which has been anticipated by many to be in the region of D5,000 and above, we are yet to see that prices being traded for a good-looking ram.

So please let’s create an environment conducive for livestock dealers to bring more animals into the country for Tobaski, which is just around the corner and could be observed in the first week of September.

“Fair pricing is Islamic.”
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