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Tree nursery competition strengthened

May 6, 2011, 12:59 PM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

The Department of Forestry, through its consultant from the Ministry of Education, has strengthend the trees Nursery competition in the regions.

 Speaking during a meeting held at Janjangbureh for stakeholders, the consultant Ousainou Jobe from the Ministry of Education, said Tree Nursery is funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The programme was held to strengthen the competition of Nursery that has already been existing in schools over the years.

He said that although the competition has been going in the school, the intervention of the UNDP is to ensure that the competition is sustainable.

"Instead of doing it on school competition level alone, the Ministry of Education is looking for the total commitment of the community both from school authorities, garden masters, students and the community at large”, he said.  “This is what we are trying to focus on now."

He also said: "Do not only continue the idea at school, the student will be learning this concept and at the same time disseminate this concept to the community, particularly the parents."

The parents, he noted, should help the students of their schools to have green tree throughout the  year.

"This will help the school to stay its obligation in terms of their responsibility in the community and their catchment area," he said. "It is also going to help the community to have the back-up idea in their mind that the environment belongs to them but nobody else."

He also used the opportunity to thank the UNDP for supporting the project.

For his part, Ousainou Cham expressed similar sentiments to those of Mr Jobe, while thanking the UNDP for their continued support. He assured them that they would live up to expectation.

"This is a five-year project, he said, adding that UNDP support for energy and the environment, forest of course, which is part of that sub-sector,  is actually meant to strengthen the effort of the forestry department.

The forestry department will continue to support this project," he said.