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Towards achieving MDGs deadline

Feb 28, 2013, 9:19 AM

The Gambia like many other developing countries in the world has since the UN Declaration of Millennium Development Goals, MDGs been working hard to achieve the targets of the set global development agenda.

Despite many efforts towards attaining some of the targets, The Gambia is yet to reach the completion stage for the set goals.

The 2010 MDGs Status Report on The Gambia stated that the country has made significant progress towards attaining some targets in all MDGs, but significant efforts are required to achieve the MDGs in their entirety.

The reports stressed that the country has attained the set for Goal 2 on the proportion of pupils reaching the last grade of primary school, and is on track to attain the target for net enrollment in primary education and literacy rate among the population, aged 15 between 24 years.

It however lamented that, while the improved maternal health is somewhat problematic, given the disparity between the current level of national performance and the main target, reducing child mortality indicated mixed results.

On goal 3, which calls for promoting gender equity and empowerment and MDG 7, which talks about ensuring environmental sustainability, the country is said to be on track in these areas as well.

Though it is argued that poverty has decreased in the country, more efforts are needed to reach the MDG goal 1.

Generally, it is worth noting that great strives have been made, which in totality needs to be sustained.

However, concerted efforts are needed only if we want to achieve all the 8 MDG targets.