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Good trend in the health sector

Mar 9, 2015, 9:42 AM

We would like to commend all those making invaluable contributions to improve our health sector and condition in The Gambia.

Over the past weeks we have seen some massive support given to our health sector by various institutions both from within and outside.

Medical equipment worth millions of dollars have been donated to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare directly or indirectly via targeted hospitals, health centres and clinics across the country.

This trend, which has continued to go a notch higher, especially the three massive donations we received in the course of last week alone, is something to write home about.

From Monday through Friday of last week, we saw the donation of precious and highly needed equipment and resources to various health centres and hospitals in this country.

These included three valuable incubators worth over three hundred thousand Dalasis (D300.000) and other medical items donated to the Serekunda General Hospital, Bansang Hospital, and Janjanbureh Health Center, by a UK-based organisation called Jersey Africa Project.

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare through the social welfare department, also received a 40-foot container of medical equipment worth more than thirty-five million Dalasis (D35M), from Affecting Real Change (ARC), a UK/Gambia/India-registered charity, in partnership with LEGS for Africa and PhysioNet.

Again, on Friday of last week, medical equipment worth about $100,000 was formally handed over to the management of Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH). The gesture came from the Fajara Rotary Club with the support of their sister Rotary Club of Lytham in the United Kingdom, through its President Robert Dunn.

Also the Banyaka Health Centre under the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare on March 3rd received a new ambulance, and an assortment of medical items worth over four million dalasi, donated by Stichting Elburg Help Gambia, a Dutch foundation in The Netherlands.

The equipment and other resources are expected to meet a great deal of medical need in the country, which are expected to be used wisely by the relevant authorities.

We, therefore, want to commend all the donors for their show of love and concern for our well-being.

“Health is wealth.”