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Tobaski Night Mbalax Yu Saf Sap with Humanity Starz

Sep 18, 2015, 1:38 PM

Humanity Starz band has announced that they will hold a concert on Tobaski night at Jama Hall of the Kairaba Beach Hotel.

“This night is our 11th year anniversary in the music business; and thanks go to all those who contributed to taking the band where it is today,” Humanity management said.

For Humanity Starz fans, as usual there will be a concert at Jama Hall on Tobaski night, and “friends, families and loved ones can celebrate Tobaski with us with mbalax yu saf sap ak Hahatie beh tass (laugh to the maximum), according to Mbye Bittaye, its manager on September 14, 2015.

He added that the Tobaski show will feature Gambian artistes like Bai Babou, Royal Messenger, Jizzle, Artenola, Jollofman, Kerr Gi Family, Kara Gaye, T- Smallz and Abu AK Fafa.

“We are Gambian band ready to educate, entertain the Gambians and beyond; so we need the support from all,” he said. 

“We are also urging cooperate companies and stakeholders to invest in our young people in the area of arts and entertainment to boost their moral.”

He said these young people believe that they can keep the culture of Senegambia alive; that is the reason they choose to play mbalax genre.

“Come and enjoy the night of dance, laughter, comedy and rejoice with family and loved one,” he said.