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Thieves Vandalise Fajikunda Church

Aug 24, 2009, 9:52 AM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

Robbers recently broke into St. Charles Lwanga Catholic Church and carted away valuable church materials desecrating their tabernacle leaving behind their bag, sources said.

Rev. Fr. Francis Eyo MSP, parish priest of the Fajikunda Catholic Church has expressed dissatisfaction over what he terms "Vandalising God's Holy Place."

Rev. Fr. Francis said, "It was about 4 am recently when the thieves damaged the office window but could not enter. They further went to the Sacristy window and broke the window and entered. They took away our new and very expensive Amplifier, Mixer, Microphones, Stabilizers, alter clothes; broke our Tabernacle (where we keep the Hosts). They also broke two Marian offering boxes."

The parish priest further says, "The most shocking one was the throwing of the Tabernacle, which could not be opened. They only desecrated the Tabernacle and our Church," he said.

Fr. Francis said that the thieves cleared their valuable Church materials and now they are left to suffer for the lack of it. He said that the night watchman was in front of the Church when the thieves did their operation. "The night watch bumped into one of them who took a very long knife to stab him and they both ran. We found a bag they left behind with a shirt, a hammer and a belt in it," he said.

Fr. Francis Eyo MSP says, "Something must be done about this. It was done in St. Theresa's and nothing happened. It was done in Bullock Church and nothing happened; and a few days before Fajikunda's incident it happened in St. Peter's in Lamin. The whole thing is quite strange. They are not thieves, they want to vandalise our Churches and sit easy. Church is a place of worship. If they want something to steal let them go somewhere else."

Fr. Francis said he had alerted Church leaders and they need to do more by adding their voice. He said he even saw many boys hanging around by 4:30am that early morning, on his way to the police. "They should not try God; let them try and see," he said.