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Theft and arson case continues

Mar 12, 2012, 12:12 PM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

A resident of Bakoteh Village, Basiru Colley, recently testified in a theft and arson case involving one Manjeke Sambou, who was charged with stealing D99,000 from her former employer, Ahmid Din.

She was also alleged to have set fire on the property of her employer, some time in 2011, in Fajara.

Colley told the Special Criminal Court that he recognised the accused and explained that on 12 April 2011, he was called by one Musa Bojang at Bakoteh Police Station for him to serve as an independent witness. He added that the said Musa informed him the accused had stolen from her boss and also set fire on the property of her boss.

Testifying further, Mr Colley said the accused admitted stealing and committing arson, adding that the accused was never threatened and beaten in his presence, nor any promise made to her.

He stated that after the accused admitted to the statement, he (the accused) thumb-printed and he signed as an independent witness.