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Oct 26, 2015, 9:57 AM | Article By: Alagie Jinkang

Long since, after the First and the Second World wars, man-evil has become different.These wars seemed to have served as an eye opener for many.It has led to many progressive and retrogressive measures throughout the world.

New societies have been built and new institutions established.Democracy selected as the leader and freedom as an instrument.

War since then has taken a new shift.It has moved from between main powers to between the powerful and the weak.The new era has since then survived to teach a bitter lesson to the underdeveloped and developing worlds.

This new artificial paradigm was crafted to punish the Third World countries.

What is amazingly growing is the bearing not to hear the brutal sounds and melancholy of people dying, crying and running from their houses, homes, countries and continents.

Forceful migration is the Third World War.It has displaced many people than ever and still continued to do so.It has caused more deaths than many wars.It has made many people ignorant than ever.It has unemployed many others.It has spread a lot of diseases than other world wars.It impoverished many more and continued not to stop.

Cultures, religions and traditions are lost and many more on the brink.It has created many social unrest among the strangers and the guest.In short, it leads to the loss of identity.

Today, my blood always boils when I heard world powers giving no regards to these people.Many of them instead of empathising with the victims, they continue to craft fences and enact laws that will severely punish the powerless refugees.

Using names and labels on ‘forceful-migrants’ that are not used on beast is totally inhumane.Man-evil could resume her real mankind status by stopping this forceful migration by paying due care to the migrants.They are human and want to live in peace and enjoy good life.

Seeing women, children, young and old men jumping and destroying fences out of frustration to get away from trouble gave me sleepless nights.Imagine a pregnant woman walking miles to seek refuge only to be pointed at by a gun.

Mothers are dying.Innocent children, unaware, beat their death mothers with their feeble hands to continue their journey towards a safer land.We have seen moments when hundreds of migrants are run-over by trains, and heard of news where migrants are described as swarms.These are painfully unbearable.

This is the world we created where pigs and other animals have fashionable places to live and better food to eat than the migrants.

We spend billions fencing and buying weapons to build borders to prevent peace seekers.We try to reach habitation in Mars while people live in absolute darkness under tents prone to the strikes of natural disasters such storms, floods and diseases.

Do you not think about people who cannot sleep because they lost their families? Look at those people using woods and nylon bags to cross the Mediterranean.How many millions will still be laid to rest in the hot sun of the dry dessert?