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The Police Breakthrough

May 5, 2009, 6:33 AM

The police recently made an important breakthrough in raiding of RasterGarden in Kololi. They did not only stop at raiding the notorious place but also closed all liquor bars around that vicinity.

A letter of appreciation from the residents around the area to the police command indicated that residents around the area are at the moment enjoying normal and peaceful life.

We congratulate the police for doing all it takes to bring back liberty and peace to the resident of that area.

With the advent of the unknown before, attacking and robbing people by bandits, the visible profile of Raster Garden as a home of drug traffickers and addicts, we agree with the residents of Kololi that such daring raids would to a very great extend reduce the menace and threatening inclination of drug peddling and alcoholism among other disastrous vices.

How sorrowful to see your son a drug addict the price of which is slowly but surely destroying many of our youthful populace. Drug and alcoholism have undoubtedly taken their toll on life and limb of Gambian youths. It has destroyed many Gambia youths, which if not being alcoholic or drug addicts, would have been well-established personalities in society.

However, one thing that the populace should understand is that all should be ready, regardless of political inclination, to collaborate with the police and the NDEA to have an effective police-community relationship with a view to eliminate all evil vices in our community.

We encourage the police and NDEA to continue what many described as a breakthrough, not to stopover their alertness and efforts to arrest drug related activities in this small but country of morality.