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The Mawlud

Jan 13, 2015, 3:06 PM | Article By: SANDIGIE NJIE

He was a man, a husband, head of a family, a companion and best of friend. He was a leader and continues to lead people abiding to the messages he brought to us. He diligently dedicated all his time and effort towards a Nation (Ummahtul Islamiyah).

He was convinced with affirm belief of his mission on spreading his message as a messenger to reach creation as divine ordinance onto him. He was an economist, a strategist and a lead consultant if not in all but above the ordinary capabilities and capacities.

He was a role model and lives by example and his means. He was a true motivator and an inspirationalist who will console and relief the distress when the need arises and advice with sincerity and humility.

Above all he was a servant, with message as a messenger, a prophet (SAW) and the seal to prophethood. He was a tradesman under Khadija (RA) and a courageous shepherd.

He conquered Makkah after being fiercely forced to migrate to Madinah by his relatives, his neighbours despite being named the Trustworthy. His patience and endurance with entire reliance in Allah make his day to be embraced, celebrated and upheld with great sense of esteem and rejoice as to what he left behind as a source of guidance to the Ummah.

He was a winner and entertains dialogue whereby Umar (RA) and Ali (RA) would disagree out of short sight but as time evolves they end up submitting to his vision. Ya Habibi, I am humble before you to touch my heart as a weak soul who is drawn in sins and let your soft hands do what you did to Busairi (RA). Elevate me to the ranks and pour light in me and let me become pure and purified.

Ya Habibi aid me to be observing and performingmy “Awrad” with piety and steadfastness .Ya Habibi lift me to reach the status of “Yahin” above what was given to Ibrahim (AS). I ask to be a better Muslim each dayand live as a ”Mumin” and let Allah not take me away without being accorded my request Ya Habibi. I am a weak servant and do ask with humbleness for pardoning and for forgiveness from the forgiver and most merciful.

Ya Habibi, I pour my heart for you to work on and remove all the ills, disorderly and make it a better heart that will never deviate at any state, moment, circumstance or time.

My reliance is to Allah and to Him I put my trust but my ultimate hope is in you Ya Habibi. Let my affection, adoration and love for you flourish to reach every “Aalam” and to all in this dunya wa Ahira.

Ya Habibi accept me as a son of “Ruh” and connect me to the connection and cause me not to be distracted from what pleases Allah. Let my love for you not diminish nor extinguish but increase in hubu Rasul (SAW).

I will rejoice and praise Thee and continue to ask for more and more love of you Ya Habibi. Accept, endorse and approve of my love and let it be renewed at every moment and grand my wishes and desires as you lead Busairi to light when he got completely loss of how to describe you in his renown poem named Bourda.

Ya Habibi my love and veneration for you will never cease in the smallest measurable way. My heart and the secret of my heart will persist in calling on you to be granted what I ask and asked not for.