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The Ignominy and Abomination of Rape

May 7, 2009, 6:19 AM

We are disturbed that barely a week passes without the media reporting about rape cases reaching the corridors of our courts. Sometimes children as young as four years are raped for reasons that any human being with his senses would not understand. This is totally unacceptable and it seems young girls are no longer safe in this country. They are hounded by men with weird sexual urges. This seems to take place everywhere, since the victims are even raped on farmlands. This is what we read about in the papers every day. It is so nauseating. But why do these sexual perverts defile very young girls and leave them with scars for life? Some people claim it is done in order to give the predators supernatural powers; others claim it is done for fun. Whatever the motive, rape is abominable and must not be condoned or taken lightly. It is regarded as sin and abomination in the sight of Allah.

To curb the incidences however, young girls should not be allowed to go about all alone, especially in isolated areas. They should always be accompanied. Besides, they should be trained not to accept gifts from strangers.

But we are glad to see that the culture of silence on rape is being broken in our society. Not too long ago, such things were never talked about. They used to be covered up in the name of scandal, stigma, protection, whatever. Now that rape victims themselves are beginning to speak up, we are on our way to dealing with the menace once and for all. Stiff laws and penalties should be enacted to serve as deterrent to perpetrators of rape. We hold that one reason for the rise of rape cases in our society is that the law is lenient on offenders. For example if a perpetrator knows that he will be jailed for life if caught, chances are he will think twice before committing such offence.