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May 7, 2009, 6:17 AM

We have noted with keen interest your Wednesday 29th April editorial and thank you very much for the foresight. This is what is expected from you as partners in development. Annually this Ministry organizes a stakeholder's forum to assess and evaluate the activities of the Tourism sector. This year as we are all aware is definitely different from the last 10 years due to the credit crunch from our source markets and the world economic downturn. We have taken heed of your editorial message and promise that the issues raised will be reviewed towards the way forward.

Once again thank you.

Permanent Secretary

Department of State for Tourism and Culture


Editors Note

We must also express our great appreciation and acknowledgement through the Minister, Nancy Njie, to the entire staff of the Tourism Ministry for taking our humble suggestion/advice in good faith. This is what true partnership is all about, and as stated by the ministry's above-mentioned statement, the media should be seen as partners in development and not otherwise. As all readers must have noted, the Ministry has something to educate us about, namely about the annual stakeholders forum, to which we merely wanted to add some of the concerns from the general public, not even necessarily ours. So many thanks again to the Ministry for taking note in good faith of things the public are saying.

Finally we want to assure all departments and institutions that The Point holds no grudges against any person or institution and that we deal with every issue in utmost good faith and without malice.

"I do not resent criticsm, even when, for the sake of emphasis. It parts for the time with reality".

Sir Winston Church