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Remembering Fallen Heroes

Nov 9, 2009, 12:27 PM

Like other countries around the world, the Gambia has celebrated yet  another remembrance day with activities at the July 22nd square and the Fajara war cemetery respectively. The day is significant, as it enables the people world over take stock to honour those great men and women who sacrifice their lives for others to live in peace, freedom and tranquility.
It is a also a time to say thank you to those heroes who gallantly shed their blood and laid down their lives for justice to prevail on earth. In the words of the army spokes person, the day is set aside to reflect and take pride in the heroism of those who gallantly shed blood and laid down their lives for justice to prevail and to salute all those brave men and women who stood up against tyranny for the freedom of the human race. We must be remembering them for without freedom and peace in the world, life would be meaningless, that there would be chaos and conflict where the powerful takes on the weak and the poor.
Far in the United Kingdom, thousands of people across the country have honoured the men and women killed in conflicts past and present with a two-minute silence. The Queen laid a wreath at the Cenotaph in Whitehall in front of the prime minister, military leaders and Commonwealth representatives. Veterans and civilians then marched along Whitehall. At the Cenotaph, the Queen laid the first wreath at the start of a 20-minute religious service. Politicians, high commissioners from the Commonwealth and defence chiefs from all three armed forces also came forward to pay their tributes.
Back home in the Gambia we salute the likes of the late Edward Haffner and those who departed this world and pray that their souls rest in eternal peace. On this special day we also salute old man Essa Njie of Latrikunda German and Kindi Jallow. We  pray that the almighty give them good health and many more years to live.