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The fisheries meeting

Sep 21, 2010, 2:02 PM

The first conference of African Ministers of Fisheries hosted in Banjul on the theme "African Fisheries and Aquaculture contributing towards Agricultural Development and Economic Growth" organised by the Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture of the African Union Commission in collaboration with NEPAD is timely.

The meeting will help both the Ministers and the experts to share technical information on areas that affects the continents fisheries sector.

It also engages them at the political level to ensure dialogue and a concerted voice on critical development issues in the sector.

Fish is very important in the day to day survival of every human being. So being the case, putting the issue of fish and fishing products high on the AU Ministers’ agenda was appropriate.

From time immemorial, Africans have been engaged in fishing, but yet still not much is being realised in this sector, and this is as a result of many factors.

Some of the fishermen do not have the right materials to engage in fishing, whilst on the other side small fish are not being protected.

The fisheries sector is, therefore, faced with a lot of challenges that are presently hindering the progress of the sector.

So it is high time that African Ministers act to protect this important sector.

This meeting now taking place in Banjul will avail the ministers and experts the opportunity to come out with strong recommendations that will move forward the fishing sector.

However, it is one thing to make recommendations, but what is important at the end of the day is to implement the recommendations agreed upon by the African Union and its member states in order to make their goals a reality.