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Thank You!

Feb 19, 2009, 4:55 AM

The Taiwanese volunteer in the person of Ellen Chang who has worked with the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital for the past six months is set to leave for her native land today. We take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who are working here in The Gambia. We see them every day in all parts of our nation from a range of different organisations and we also see the benefits of the great work they do. There have been many volunteers coming to The Gambia for many years now and we as a nation have reaped tremendous benefits. Some of the best known volunteers have been Peace Corps but there are also such organisations as VSO who have been active here for many decades. Sometimes the contribution of volunteers can be small but it must be said that they always contribute something. Many people have made lasting friendships with volunteers who have served here through the years that last to this day and remain mutually very beneficial and fulfilling.

The volunteers from Europe and America get a great insight into African life during their time here and can help tackle preconception when they return to their country of origin. Equally the African volunteers can share in the rich and diverse cultural differences that exist on this great continent. Again we say thank you to all the volunteers in the country today and those who have served here during the years. The Gambia is a better place for your presence and contributions.