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Technical Horizon Enterprise dragged to Industrial Tribunal

Feb 8, 2013, 10:12 AM

Fatou Gassama, who claimed for her remaining salary balance, sued Technical Horizon Enterprise at the Kanifing Industrial Tribunal for redress.

In her testimony, she told the tribunal that she lives at Kanifing South and was a secretary at the Technical Horizon Enterprise.

She said she knows the defendant, adding that she was working with the defendant, who is the proprietor of the company, since December 2011.

The plaintiff adduced that she would sign a payment voucher when she received her salary, adding that from January to August 2012, the defendant did not pay her salaries to the tune of D16,000.

She further testified that the defendant only paid her D5,000 and promised to pay her the balance of D11,000 in August 2012, but failed to do so.

Ms Gassama stated that she told the defendant that she wanted to leave the job and go to school, adding that she was asked to go to his office to discuss the matter and asked to take along her employment letter.

She said she informed her uncle about the matter, stating that her uncle asked the defendant when he was going to pay the balance but he said he had no answer to that.

The plaintiff posited that the defendant seized her employment letter, adding that the defendant said he would not give her back her employment letter unless she resigned from her job.

Ms Gassama indicated that the defendant went to the police and reported the matter, adducing that at the police, the defendant insisted that if she did not resign, he would not give her the employment letter.

The plaintiff said the police advised her to write a resignation letter, which she did, and gave it to the defendant but he did not give her back her employment letter.

Ms Gassama further posited that she and her uncle went to the Labour Department to complain but the defendant failed to go, adding that the Labour Department then advised her to sue the defendant.

The plaintiff said the police gave her a reference number which was tendered along with the resignation letter and were admitted by the tribunal.

The case was adjourned till 11 February 2013.

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