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Teaching kids Quran saves parents from hell – Oustass Jarjue

Jun 1, 2017, 10:22 AM

Oustass Lamin Jarjue of Nurudeen Quranic Memorisation School has called on Muslim parents to educate children on the Quran, saying this is one of the surest ways for parents to safe themselves from the punishments of the grave or hellfire in the hereafter.

Mr Jarjue made this remark during the annual Taari (speech day) held at its school in Tabokoto, Serekunda East.  The event brought together parents and guardians of more than 400 kids, plus members of the community. Students take up to four years to memorise the Quran at the school.

The speech day saw each student reading a verse of the Quran in front of the gathering.

According to their teachers, the event was an important annual gathering that allows parents and the community to assess the depth of the learning the children receive at the school.

Head of the school, Lamin Jarue explained that the school started as community driven project back in 1988 when there was a need to set up such centre to cater for the children growing in the community.

Beginning with just 15 kids and paying just D1 per kid, the school has grown to 400 children today who are undergoing different levels of Quranic education throughout the year at a fee of D100 per student.

“Community gave me a site to construct the school which used to be corrugated fences with a roof.  Now we occupy an incomplete building as classrooms, thanks to my efforts with support from the community,” Mr Jarjue said.

He called on philanthropists to support them in providing mats, furniture, and concrete floors to improve the learning environment as the D100 collected from kids is not enough to pay the teachers and take care of other bills of the school.