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Swedish international artist Maria Heed profiled

Aug 3, 2012, 1:01 PM

Maria Heed, a Swedish female artist, has travelled far and wide around the world as an experienced artiste to share her knowledge of art work with her colleagues.

The Swedish international artist also visited The Gambia in 2011, where she had an exhibition workshop at the Alliance Franco-Gambienne.

Born in 1954 in Gotebory, Sweden, Maria is also a member of KRO, the Swedish Artists National Organisation, the Association of Swedish Printmakers Grafikens Hus (the Printmaking House) Grafik I vast Group 54.

She also received cultural awards from different countries around the world such awards like the Art Award from the country council of Bohuslan, Travelling award of Nordiska Konstforbundet, the NAPA or the Nordic Institute in Greenland and many more.

Maria has a lot of assignments and projects such as the graphic edition leader of the year, principal Lararforbundet and vision.

She also has group exhibitions, a selection such as the 10 Lessedra World Art Print Annual Sofia, Bulgaria.