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Sustaining streetlights

Aug 29, 2012, 9:42 AM

There is no doubt that better street lighting adds value to the quality of urban life. It is widely seen by the public as a good way of preventing crime, as well as decreasing fear.

It is obvious that a good street lighting system could also reduce crime to some extent, because it enhances surveillance.

However, the present manner in which our streetlights are being treated, especially by those who welcomed the development with enthusiasm, leaves much to be desired.

Therefore, there is an absolute necessity for attitudinal and behavioural change towards street lights.

We have seen some of the street light poles being vandalised by the public, especially reckless drivers. This is unacceptable and should not be tolerated!

Protecting our streetlights is a duty for all and sundry.

Obviously, if we want to continue enjoying these facilities, we must take good care of them, for the purpose of sustainability.

We are very much equally concerned about the fast dilapidating state of the Greater Banjul area streetlights, and thus call on the new caretaker - the National Roads Authority (NRA) - to be vigilant.

The NRA was tasked to manage the affairs of the streetlight project. We would like to believe that they are working on measures to ensure the durability of this beautiful national infrastructure.

It would also be prudent for the NRA to ensure that the lights are switched on and off at the right time.

Streetlights, we believe, should only be switched on when it is dark; but leaving them on till almost daybreak can only be judged as a waste of resources.

Since fuel is costly it is vital to minimize its consumption rate by ensuring that light is only available at the time when it is needed.

“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”

Chinese proverb

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