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Supposed Marabout cross-examined

Nov 24, 2010, 11:29 AM | Article By: Yusuf Ceesay

A supposed Marabout, who was alleged to have received D100,000 from a female banker to offer her prayers for her success in life, was on 22nd November 2010, cross-examined by CPL 3560 Colley, the prosecuting officer.

Muhtarr Cham, after his defence testimony on the last adjournment date, told the court that he was not feeling well, and could not stay standing anymore.

Testifying under cross-examination, Cham told the court that when he first met with the complainant, Yasanu Jobe (a banker), they only greeted each other, and he did not tell her of any fortune in her life. He adduced that it was the complainant who asked him to pray for her, so that she could be ahead of all her colleagues.

The accused told the court that he did some marabout work for the complainant, and that he collected D70,000 from the complainant for the prayers he offered her to be successful.

“I never gave her medicine to drink. I only gave her medicine to bathe with,” he told the court.

He denied that he gave medicine to the complainant to lose her memory.

“I did not collect 1350 Euros and D50, 000 from the complainant,” Mr. Cham added.

Cham said: “When we met, the complainant asked me to pray for her to travel to America.”

According to him, to his own knowledge, the complainant would have travelled to America if she was not arrested.

He said after he had prayed for her, she did come to him to collect some medicine. “I never went to the complainant’s work place, and I never told the complainant to keep things a secret,” he added.

“I am literate in reading and writing the Quran, and my knowledge from the Holy Quran is not to defraud people,” the accused told the court.

Cham said that he could not recall for how long he missed seeing the complainant, after he collected the said D70,000, adding that he was willing to meet the complainant again.

The accused further denied that when the complainant called him, she told him to come and collect the balance of 1450 Euros and $3000 respectively.

He adduced that the complainant called him to meet at Amadiyya Hospital, where he was arrested.

He asserted that he was tortured at the CID office at Serrekunda Police Station. “All I told the court is the truth”, he said. Cham denied collecting D126, 000 from the complainant.

The case that was presided over by Magistrate Lamin George of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court was adjourned to 13th December 2010 for judgment.