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Supporting farmers on time

Jun 13, 2013, 10:55 AM

Farmers in the country have always called for assistance from the government and development partners.

They have always asked for such assistance in a form of quality seeds, fertilizer and machines.

But the problem the farmers have always been lamenting on, even after they receive help, is that of late delivery of assistance.

Things such as seeds and fertilizer need to be made available to farmers on time if the support would make any bigger help to the beneficiaries.

Waiting till last minute or at the middle or towards the end of the farming season and giving such support will not make much difference.

Now is the right time to give such support as the farmers need to have them at their disposal and can therefore use them at the right time.

Also as stated in this paper before, quality seeds are key to ensuring good yield for our farmers. So, if they are to be provided with any kind of assistance it must be of very good quality, if not the production will not be high as anticipated.

We are therefore urging all agricultural projects intending to support farmers increase production to begin dashing out such assistance as early as possible.

In fact, we believe that our overall national budgetary allocation for the agriculture sector should be increased to boost production and fast track the attainment of food self-sufficiency in the country.