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Support Darling Scorpions to Victory

Jul 8, 2016, 11:02 AM

All are called upon to throng the Independence Stadium tomorrow to support our Darling Scorpions, who have made us proud over the period of their campaign in the African U-20 Youth Championship Qualifiers.

They will face another battle tomorrow with Guinea Conakry U20 in the first leg of the last qualifiers that will see them through to Zambia, where the African U-20 Youth Championship tournament will be held in 2017.

They, therefore, need massive home support during the Saturday encounter, which will be their last home match to go to Zambia.

They have succeeded in beating Shooting Stars of Sierra Leone, and did hit a resounding success by mauling the team described as the ‘powerhouse’ of Africa, the Young Atlas Lions of Morocco, eliminating them on the way.

Our Under-20 boys have continued to do wonders in the African U-20 Youth Championship Qualifiers.

They, therefore, deserve our full support, and need to be really motivated because they are determined to give The Gambia successful results whenever they compete, as can be testified by the wonderful performances they have been putting up throughout their campaign in the Qualifiers to this stage, which is just a step to reaching Zambia.

Our boys are showing us that they are ready to sacrifice to register successes for the nation; let’s also sacrifice for them by supporting them financially and morally, even through our massive turnout at the Independence Stadium tomorrow as they face the Guineans.

“March on to victory Darling Scorpions!”

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