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Study on youth employment crucial

Jun 18, 2010, 12:16 PM

The Ministry of Trade, in collaboration with World Bank needs commendation for conducting a study on youth employment and skills development.  The study seeks to improve youth employment outcomes through enhanced skills development in The Gambia.

In a country where the issue of poverty is on the increase, coupled with the problem of youth unemployment the study is relevant.

Indeed providing youth with perquisite skills and knowledge is an economic necessity.

We call on all development partners to continue supporting the government in reducing poverty and unemployment.

Youth employment continues to pose a great challenge globally, as youth unemployment is on the increase on a daily basis.

We, therefore, welcome the study sanctioned by World Bank since it would help government and development partners to address the issue of youth employment. The report would no doubt help all those interested in youth empowerment.

If we don't have a data to say how many youths are employed, unemployed, underemployed we cannot succeed in seriously addressing the phenomenon. We have said it in this and other column that when people are employed the rate of crime rate would also reduce. 

Alternative measures of teenage unemployment are required which are more appropriate in assessing the extent of the problem and the nature of policy responses.

Marketing, technical and managerial skills training, assistance for youths can help create self-employment for young people.

Many young people are determined to work, but have no place to work. More employment opportunities needs to be created by the government and  development partners since they now have a report that indicate the state of youth employment.
Also to address the issue our youth must also do away with job selection from the little available.