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Strength in Unity

Mar 3, 2009, 4:23 AM

Yet again today we are reminded of the danger we face from the effects of climate change. This ever-growing threat looms large on our collective horizon and we must do more to try and stop it. Unfortunately despite the fact that we are not primarily responsible we are very likely going to bear the brunt of the effects when climate change truly comes to visit its dreadful effects on the planet

Reports indicate that the threat of climate-change both current and future poses to African development is widely documented. Although the continent contributes only about 3.8% of total greenhouse gas emissions, Africa, according to reports, will bear the brunt of impacts from climate change.

This high vulnerability is however; aggravated by multiple biophysical and developmental stresses coupled with low adaptive capacity that today makes the West African population highly vulnerable to various climatic risks.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), in collaboration with the State Department of Forestry and Environment, has organised a three-day validation workshop on the regional strategic and action plan to reduce vulnerability to climate change in West Africa. This is exactly the kind of action we need if we are to face this dreadful threat head on.

This brought together key stakeholders from and within the West African Sub-region with the view to mapping out broader actions towards tackling the current problems of climate change and its seemingly increasing and unending effects.

Only through cooperation of this kind can we hope to tackle the problem. It will not be easy so our unity is an essential element in the struggle. At least as a collective we can better lobby the West to change their polluting ways and hopefully spare us the agony of tragedy that will inevitably follow the full reality of the effects of climate change.