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Al-Sorayai Trading Industrial Group donates to mosques

Dec 9, 2010, 2:01 PM | Article By: Lamin Darboe

Saudi-based Al-Sorayai Trading Industrial Group Arabia has donated carpets to mosques in Gunjur, as part of its contribution to the promotion of Islam in the country.

The beneficiaries included the Gunjur Central Mosque, Fabaida Mosque, Masjid Nur, Masjid Ali in Gunjur Kulukochi and Masjid Rasululah mosque at the Gunjur seaside.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony held at the Gunjur Central Mosque, the partner to the donors, Banuha Barrow, said the support was facilitated by his uncle Alhagie Balla Musa Yaya Darboe, who is currently residing in Germany.

According to him, Darboe’s aim is to propagate Islam in The Gambia and the world at large.

He revealed that Al-Sorayai Trading Industrial Group in Riyadh has started supporting mosques in Gunjur since 2009 when they donated 36 carpets.

“They shared those carpets to Masjid Ali Mosque in Gunjur Kulukochi and Masjid Nur mosque,” Mr Barrow said.

“This year 40 carpets were donated and they were shared among four mosques, namely Gunjur Central Mosque, Fabaida Mosque, Masjid Nur Mosque, Masjid Ali and Masjid Rasululah.”

He commended Customs and Exercise Duty and the Gambia Ports Authority for waiving the duty on the goods.

He assured the gathering that his partners would continue to render aid to mosques in Gunjur and its environs.

Mr Barrow also commended the Government of The Gambia for promoting Islam in the country.