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"Opposition Runs Out of Strength" -Waa Juwara

Mar 3, 2009, 4:06 AM | Article By: Alieu Jabang

Following reports of massive defection of opposition supporters in the villages of Fadia Kunda, Bajonkoto and Nyakoi Sutukonding in Wuli West, Upper River Region, Lamin Waa Juwara, the leader of the opposition, National Democratic Action Movement (NDAM), has said that the opposition in The Gambia has run out of strength, which he added is tantamount to failure. Mr. Juwara, who is a member of the management committee at the Brikama Area Council, said: "The opposition in The Gambia has run out of steam and that is tantamount to absolute failure and the loss of the confidence of the people. They lost the confidence of the people from the inception of the division of the alliance. It is not the government that we should blame for this, but rather the leadership of the opposition, for betraying the confidence and trust of the people," he said.

Speaking to this reporter over the weekend, Mr. Juwara, maintained that for the Gambian opposition to succeed, they need to resign their leadership and apologise to Gambians as way of admitting their mistakes.

"We had a bad start and thereby betrayed the people. Any false step can destroy an organisation and we have to admit our mistakes and apologise Gambians before we can make a fresh start," he said.

In Mr. Juwara's opinion, The Gambia is now enjoying true democracy, as he said there is true democracy existing throughout the country.

He indicated that the last presidential election has marked a turning point in the history of Gambian democracy.

"The last presidential election marked a turning point in The Gambia's democratic status. We had a free and fair election that the international community endorsed," he said.

He said that what we need in The Gambia is for people to reconcile, forge ahead and do what is needed for the advancement of The Gambia.