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Strategic way of Operation Clean the Nation should be maintained

Feb 29, 2016, 9:57 AM

Operation Clean the Nation commonly known as Set-setal, which is conducted every two weeks, is a welcome move.

This is actually essential because even the religions, such as Islam and Christianity, recommend cleanliness.

The operation, introduced in 2007, has contributed greatly to the health sector performance and impacted positively on the lives of the people.

Therefore, residents should always keep their houses and environments clean.

While we are calling for this trend to continue and the usual notification or announcement of operation clean the nation maintained, it is essential that some provision is made for the roads or traffic to be open to vehicles, as well as commercial business to go on. This aids the country’s economic advancement.

The last Saturday pattern of Operation Clean the Nation should actually be maintained, wherein whilst the cleaning is observed, business is allowed to flow.

The Gambia being the hub of business transactions in the sub-region, where especially Senegalese, Guineans, Bissau Guineans, and Sierra Leoneans visit regularly to trade or buy goods, maintaining the cleansing exercise in the above-mentioned fashion will augur well for our economy.

This is because the pattern before the Saturday cleansing exercise, though it had a strong positive side in respect of our health was, however, affecting us economically, as it continued to hamperbusiness activities, especially so when shops, banks, schools and the traffic are closed from 9am to 1pm.

This adversely affects the livelihood of many people, especially those who depend on their daily earnings to survive each day of their lives.

Also, to some extent, the closedown between these hours, affects lives as well, since for instance the sick could hardly be transported from their houses to the health facilities for timely treatment to save their lives and keep them safe.

While we are raising this issue, we would also like the government authorities to continue to enforce Operation Clean the Nation, with penalties administered on defaulters.The Municipalities should also continue to provide transport, as usual, to collect garbage from dumpsites.

We are also suggesting that the National Environment Agency be steadfast in monitoring the exercise to ensure the general public comply with the rules.

“Clean your environment to protect yourself from health hazard .“

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