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Wallidan Still Top the League

May 19, 2008, 5:33 AM | Article By: By Ebou Manneh

The blue boys of Wallidan are still the league leaders after a dramatic win which saw them take revenge against Sea View FC at the Sere Kunda West Mini Stadium on a scoreline of 2-1. Sea View beat Wallidan in the first round of the league by 1-0.

Hawks FC on Friday defeated Bakau United by 2-1. The Red Devils of Hawks welcomed back their star player Ken Jammeh with a win after a long suspension. Ken Jammeh was featured in the game and marked his return with a win.

Armed Forces took a very important point after failing to win since the beginning of the second round. The Green Boys took advantage from an error that the Gamtel goalkeeper Chirstopha Allen made to give them the 3points.

GPA are still struggling in the league after they only managed to collect a point in their game with the Security Boys Interior. They played out a 1-1 draw at the Sere Kunda East Mini Stadium.

Meanwhile Real de Banjul were playing with S/ Biko while Samger take on Africell Sait Matty the results will be publish tomorrow.


Standing in week 14

                                          Games                        points

Wallidan                             14                                 26

Real                                   14                                 23+5

Samger                              14                                 25+ 2

Hawks                                14                                 21+2

Steve Biko                          14                                 19+3

Saitmatty                            14                                 17+1

Armed Forces                      14                                 17+0

Gamtel                                14                                 15-4

Seaview                               14                                 14-4

GPA                                    14                                 14-4

Bakau United                        14                                 13-3

Interior  FC                            14                                 11